Monday, April 13, 2015

Daily Post: A little bird told me...

A little birdie once told me to spread my wings,
I did, and then,
I landed on my own two feet.
I stopped to sing a song.
Then forged forward, walking through the fields of gold.
I stop to look up, and there it was, the sun at dusk.
Golden, with shapes of many colors.

I continue to the forest and there it was,
the sharp needles of pines lay on the floor of the forest ground.
No one ever told me how tough it might be.
The swirling shadows beyond.
I step, delicately, then look up.
Perched in the tree is a blue-bird calling out on a branch in the tree.
Phew, it's only me, in the forest that led me here.

Life isn't easy, or it isn't hard, it depends, the way you look at it.
It's easy enough, to keep walking forward, inch-by-inch, mile-by-mile.
You can make it, in this game called life.
It's a colorful place, it just depends how you want to see it.
Pretend you are a child again... Skip, jump, play...
Enjoy it, it's the only life you have.
The birdie said that, just this morning, hearing it's colorful delicious song.

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