Monday, April 6, 2015

Daily Post: What memory? It's the memory I forgot?

I feel accomplished.

My goal for this past weekend was to complete writing major events for at least 3 years of my life.  The years to work on, randomly selected.

Just pick 3! Doesn't matter which year(s).

I diligently dive into my assignment, soon I'm looking over 32 years, 32 individual pages spread around me. Only 9 years to go and I'll have all 50 years documented. Then the real work begins. But for now... I celebrate.

3 years, now 32 years... Complete! 

Printed, stamped, stickies adhered, people I talk to regularly added and put into my three-ring binder.

I create a timeline that separates each year, pages list 5 year increments and include major events and milestones documented. I gather pictures with all sorts of people in my life.

My timeline shows events from age 5 through 10 years ago.  I'm still working on birth to age 5 and 10 years ago to now.  But, the current information shouldn't be too hard since I described a lot of my events in the past 10 years in blogs, emails to friends and journals. (I just need to compile them)  The biggest hurdle will be finding details about me from birth through age 5. This is where I draw a blank and hope my mom can help fill in the details.

I'm gathering picture(s) for each year and recording major events that happened. (I'm so cute and Staci's so cute, it's so much fun!)

As I build my portfolio, I find that I'm forgetting, forgetting those years of my life..
Important times.
I draw a blank.

Luckily, I can refer back to pictures.

If I ask someone else,
it becomes their story,
their experience and
their opinion about the matter.

The only person I can trust to declutter the events is El NΓΊmero Uno.

It's amazing how our memory gets the best of us.

Or even how the stories change based on building experiences.  Pretty soon the story is so different, one could write a fiction novel out of the stories.

One of my sisters and an aunt is good at making up stories, that become quite convoluted.  It makes me laugh when I hear them.

One word of advice for myself, keep writing, journaling and even sketching.  Because, soon it will be the memory you forgot....

We are all meant to shine. Shine whenever you can. ~Kandee Gee

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