Sunday, April 19, 2015


The most valuable lessons I learned along the way...

THE BIGGEST RISK I HAVE TAKEN IS: Going out on a limb and starting my own company and writing and publishing books. You can't let fear paralyze you because FEAR gets you off your game. Focus your ENERGY on what CAN happen.

ONE LIFE LESSON TO REMEMBER IS: It's important to look back on life with reflection, not regret. Take a look at the situation and design a course of action, then go with it!

YOU WILL NEVER REGRET: Being me. I learned this early on, from my mom and dad. It is incredible when you can live a life and be you while you live it!

I'M GLAD THAT I HAVE NEVER: Did things the "way it was suppose to be done." The greatest life's lessons have been learned by creating my own path. Live outside of your comfort zone, this prevents one from getting stuck.

MY EVERYDAY MANTRA: Get up each day, set goals, focus and take action. Live life with integrity and retain your moral vision.

THE MOMENT OF LIFE WAS WHEN: I'm still working on life, however, I aspire to be the best!

MY GREATEST JOY IS: Staying present with each person and, experience love, joy and peace and doing the work that I love!

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