Monday, August 31, 2015

CrazyRunninggal: 50 Half Marathons - #43 & #44

I didn't even take many pictures this time around.

This past week I traveled to the East Coast to finish two more half marathons, starting at 42 states and leaving a whole new person after state 44 in New Hampshire.  

Here are the order of events.
Boston, MA (by plane), arrived went to pick up my car. Only had cash. They would not take cash only a credit card. So, I was stuck. They pointed me to the information center in another location of the airport. They suggested I go to the South Station; there was a free shuttle that would take me there. I arrived at South Station. I called the cabin on the ocean that I rented in Maine for the night, telling them I may not make it up there. The owner said Amtrak drops off down the road. I told her I'd get back to her. I looked at options, quickly decided it was too complicated to make it anywhere without a car to the original run destinations, so I opted to get a ticket to Baltimore which is where my client meetings were later in the week. I received a call, as I sat waiting for the train. It was another runner saying she arrived at the airport and where was I, so she could pick me up.  I was surprised. Didn't think I'd even make the run. I told her I was at South Station and she said she'd pick me up in 10 minutes. I got my money back from the ticket and waited in the front of the station for my ride. *Lesson learned, stay open to possibilities and people show up for you.

Maine (picked up by running stranger in MA soon to be acquaintance, who found out I was stranded with no credit card but had cash), offered that I share a room with her so I could do my half marathons as planned. *Long story short, lesson learned, have a back up plan.

New Hampshire (Opened to new possibilities  - traveled with my new acquaintance to stay at a hotel in NH and run the 2nd half marathon as planned). *Lesson learned people show up when you need help as long as you are open to see it and accepting it. (Vulnerable)

Baltimore, MA (by bus and Train) then, after a wonderful lunch in Manchester, New Hampshire, and my new friend dropped me off at the train, took the long ride to MD.

Short meeting for a long travel adventure, and the business partner did not even offer me coffee. Strange, but I kept myself open. *Lesson learned, people could be in their own world, accept it and move on.

New Hampshire and Maine Added to my list.

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