Saturday, September 26, 2015

It's always fun to run with friends.

It's always fun to run with friends.
Today I ran the Sheboygan Harvest Fest Half marathon. I haven't been training like I should and It's been crazy busy, with my job. I've been traveling for my job a lot and it's hard to get out of bed in the morning to get down to the gym for training. I did the run, none-the-less and completed it. I promised myself that if I ran the full 10 miles without stopping at water breaks, I could walk run the remaining 3.  Which I did.

It was amazing the support runners gave me. Every time I stopped to walk, a runner came up from behind me and encouraged me on. Sometimes I would run with someone, for a short bit and talk with them about whatever came to mind. Other times, there was a silence of encouragement. I would walk, the runner behind me would run past and smile, say an encouraging thought. Then that runner would walk, and I would run passed.  It gave us help to keep tredging on.

The final mile was tough. I got to the path along the beach. I slowed to walk. A lady ran by and said, "Come on you can do it, the finish is right around the corner. She winked and smiled." I started to run alongside her. We ran, then she proceeded to run ahead turning the corner, she waved her hand to encourage me to finish. And pointed to the finish once I rounded the corner.

I made it to the finish and all of my friends, whom I was staying with at Blue Harbor, and are a blast, cheered me in to the finish.

It was a difficult run this time around. I finished, 2:20. Good that it is done.

Next stop, Detroit. 
I better get running!

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