Friday, October 30, 2015

IRONMAN Wisconsin 2016: Let's do the math. #Crazyrunninggal is tracking the course. #MyNewQuest

Let's do the math.
As I prepare for my first IronMAN Wisconsin, I'm planning the events I will do next year, 2016, that lead up to the BIG one. 

Right now, I'm reviewing my past stats for the Half ironMAN I participated in several years back in Lake Geneva. 

For the Wisconsin IronMAN there is a Do Not Finish (DNF) cut-off at 17 hours. 

If I do the math, I will make the 17 hour cut-off.
Here's my stats for the half-ironman:
  • Swim: 48:17
  • Bike: 3:58:48
  • Run: 2:18:03
  • Total time: 7:05:08

Now if all goes well, I train well, and I don't tucker out and I stay on track; 

This is what my projected results could be on September 11th, 2016:
  • Swim:1:36:34 (cut-off 2 hours)
  • Bike: 7:37:36
  • Run:4:36:06
  • Total time: 14:10:16

These are just numbers, and I have to baseline where the numbers fall, by practicing; running a marathon, riding the distance on the bike, and swimming the waters, at different times, adjust the numbers that show that I can make these times.

As we athletes all know, numbers don't tell all. There are a number of environmental, physical and emotional elements that factor into this, and I will write about this along the way, adjusting the numbers in my stats and share them here, once discovered.

Moving along...

#crazyrunninggal  is Tracking the course.

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