Monday, February 22, 2016

Wisconsin Ironman: Health or wellness inspired by a competitor.

More advice as I learn from experience.  A day of reflection. Looking at what I've learned so far, since I started this Ironman training journey in October.

Change your structure improve your script.

  • Commit to a process, not a goal.
  • Build smart feedback loops.
  • Give up the need for immediate results.
  • Make the choice to stay away from negative conversations and naysayers.
  • Be okay with the struggle. By declaring you are 'stopped', you can get that out of the way. This then opens up something else that aligns with your commitment. It’s that simple, it's brilliant.

Stay with your training consistently.
Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day of training, don't over train the next day, you'll injure yourself or burn yourself out. Just pick up where you left off.

Get Intense with Your Routine. It’s not how hard you train but how specific to your goals you train.

Be a Planner.
Put a Schedule together first. The beginning of discipline is a good plan. Know when you’re going to the gym, what you’re going to eat and what foods the nutritional value they will come from, and how you are going to avoid giving in to not doing the work takes discipline. 

Train consistently, under promise yourself and over deliver.
Always train your strengths more so than your weaknesses and keep your training fun, varied, challenging (sometimes) and motivate yourself by any means possible!  Pick up your weakest discipline to 3 times a week when you have time.

Learn everything you can and prepare.
Get Educated and do your research. (i.e. Bike fitting, nutrition, race day, etc)

Understand how do you eat today, baseline, track and get an expert to review and make suggestions. Tweak and do again.

Enjoy it all, every single moment.
Live in the moment, do what you can in that moment and relish the experience.  Ironman is a journey to be remembered as a fun long training day with 100’s of like minded athletes, with a full buffet of waiter, waitress services.  Enjoy it!

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