Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wisconsin Ironman: What I'm Learning

They say, your Network of Conversations is bigger than you think.

My Ironman journey has been an eye-opening experience. One can say, "Reach, Stretch & Grow" is an understatement. I'm learning even in the most recent experiences.

Someone asked me this morning, what I've learned so far, and I thought it would be a good time to write my response down. 
  • My knee-jerk response, "I don't eat very well." Without going into details, the results of this have been exhaustion and low motivation.
  • Second, "I let my mind take over and talk myself out of the workout." At this point in my venture, it isn't critical, since I'm "ramping up" my workouts, learning technique and getting my routine down; but a few months from now it will impact.
  • Third, "People are here to support me." People have been showing up, with support, words of caution, words of help, and tell me I inspire them (wow!). People I never thought have stepped up. These connections have graciously provided their time and advice, on swimming and biking, my weak sports.
I have met many wonderful people as I develop myself, increase my training, and learn more about swim, bike and transitions, in the Ironman event.

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