Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What an Honor! A Pacer at Beast Pacing!

Kim’s goal as a pacer is to create memories, encourage others, and have fun while helping each runner reach their goal to the finish line. 

She was introduced to running in high school track in 1981 and continued racing a year later, with a track running buddy, to become one of the first women in high school history to compete on the newly formed Women’s Cross Country team. It wasn’t until 20 years later, Kim ran her first marathon, then later completing 25 half marathons in 25 states, She is now focused on completing 50.

Kim has run over 100+ endurance races, encompassing marathons, half marathons, 70.3 ironman and triathlons, 10K’s. and 5K’s. She does them all! Kim continues to set goals, to motivate, strives to complete the next mile, and move to the next level. This year, she will work toward her first-ever Ironman and complete 50 states and her next marathon in New York City. Her hashtag is #crazyrunninggal. 

She says, “Running makes me a better person. I run to stay healthy and young, to push my limits, to prove that I can! I run for those who can’t.” Kim is reminded that with each time she runs, it is a gift she does not take for granted. As a pacer, she motivates and leads each person to the finish line, with that comes wisdom, encouragement, and strength.
Contact Handle @kgroshek

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