Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New England Series: 3 states in 3 days in May #crazyrunninggal #crazyrunninggirl

Made my first goal this year, to complete 3 more states to achieve my goal to run 50 half marathons in 50 states. I ran in MA, RI and CT. By completing these 3 states, I have completed 46 states.  This was a great training week. States remaining include Utah, Oregon, Hawaii, and Alaska. Almost there... No rush though, because I will focus on my other goal for this year which is to compete in my first Ironman. (note: I may decide to add DC, but for now it is not on the list).  

Another state on the books, 13.1 miles (half marathon) 2:17.08 located at the Northfield Mountain Recreation and Environmental Center Northfield, MA. #‎runlikeurlifemeanssomething‬ 

Each running journey and half marathon is different for me. I ran 3 more states, to reach 46 states by end of week.  This week it was in the New England states.

I met Annie who flew in from the Philippines to run a 5K. She's an avid runner who runs a 50K at least once a year and runs long distance runs, more marathons than half marathons.  She invited me to come to the Philippines and run a marathon with her. Here she and I are, hanging out before the run in Massachusetts!  We're the cool ones!

My second run was in Coventry, Rhode Island. 13.1 miles (half marathon) 2:09.00 in Coventry, RI 
It's that time again, get out and run! 

The fun thing about doing these half marathons is I get to meet these amazing people and hear their stories. As they say, "Beauty is only skin deep." You can't always tell what a person has gone through and these ladies shared some great stories with me during the 3 days adventure.
Last big hurrah, went to Antonio's for the carbo load before the next run.

Final half for the New England series: Massachusetts 2:08:12 Another state on the books, 13.1 miles (half marathon) ‪#‎crazyrunninggirl‬ ‪#‎crazyrunninggal‬ ‪#‎runlikeurlifemeanssomething‬

New England Series: 3 states in 3 days in May ‪#‎crazyrunninggal‬ ‪#‎crazyrunninggirl‬ I'd like to personally thank the amazing volunteers during this weeks New England Half Marathon series. 

You made my morning 13.1 runs seamless. A special shout out and Thank you for offering me pickles before my run Speedy Sue Parrotte, for manning the food table Cynthia Tanzi and for labeling my cup with my bib and offering me a half a cup of gatorade and my chocolate milk at the end of each race Cyd Antang. Your job is very much appreciated! 

13.1 half marathon states remaining: Utah, Oregon, Hawaii, and Alaska

This weeks Stats:

  • Costs for per run includes registration and airfare $219.19. 
  • Mileage ran: 39.3 miles
  • Driving Mileage traveled: 270 miles + flight (did not include)

"It is a fact that there are opportunities everywhere. Look for those opportunities, like bubble flowing in a stream...they are endless."

 #crazyrunninggal #crazyrunninggirl

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