Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I need my morning run.

Some people need their morning coffee, I need my morning run. ~unknown

I run.
To get up every morning, excited, ready and determined.

Wake up,
Running clothes,
I-ipod, and
Drink large glass of water to hydrate.

Ready to step out the door.

I do it.
No thoughts,
Just determined to take one step, then another.
Soon, my jog becomes a solid pace.
I run,
My breath starts to be even.
A mile in.
My cadence is steady.
That's what I'm talking about.
The solid run.
One step after the other.
Swinging my arms.
My pace is good.
I am nearing the end, mile 5 is almost complete.
I feel good.
So happy I got out.
Now I'm there.
The end of the run.
I walk into the house.
Wow! I feel great.

Happy I got out there.
On another run.

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