Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Today's story about Lucy

Lucy sits bent over a newspaper at a table outside the restaurant, aimlessly looks over the detail while tapping the cap-end yellow highlighter to her cheek. She decisively opens the highlighter and circles the paragraph she finds interesting.  

She sips her coffee and wishes the empty chair across from her would have something to say. 

Glancing across the street, Lucy notices the doorman looking up at the sky. She imagines he has a positive word and smile. 

An image blocks her view. 

It's her friend Maggie. Maggie walks toward her and smiles, “Nice choice. I see you got a table for us.”

Lucy stands up, walks around the table and gives Maggie a hug. 

They both get settled into their seats. 

Lucy hands her a menu. Lucy says, “The Kale Caesar salad is great.” Maggie makes a sour face. “I’ll stick with the burger." 

Lucy’s phone on the table buzzes. The sound startles her. She picks up her phone. 

While Lucy types a text, Maggie looks around at the other tables outside the cafe. Then Lucy sets down her phone. 

Lucy hands the folded newspaper to Maggie displaying the apartment ads she highlighted. 

Maggie reads through the selected choices and nods, “Good choices. When do we get to go see them?” 

Lucy says, “How about tomorrow night after work?” 

“Tomorrow will work great.” Maggie smiles, excited to get her new life settled and share an apartment with her friend in the city.

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