Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Describing Myself as of 2016 (Baseline)

Professionally, I am a Senior Project Manager for the Global Fidelity Information Services. In the past 30 years, I led efforts resulting in increased productivity of more than 20 percent. In my current role, I work with dozens of professionals and banks coordinating all product and service agreements, leading implementations and teams. A frequent speaker, I also present “Leadership from the Inside Out” seminars to area companies and international organizations. In 2013 I was presented an Ambassador at Large post through the Women’s Advancement in Africa organization. I have written several children’s books and commissioned a play from one of them.
In 2010, 2011, 2014 I was presented the Creative Child Preference Choice Award, Best Green Product Award, Best Vacation Children Products Award and the Seal of Excellence Award. In 2013 I was presented the Media of the Year Award and Region H Governors Choice Award “planting seeds growing STEMS.”  I am the author of a professional book WIN BY LEADING, several children's books Bug’s Adventure Series®, Nate the Dragon®, (there is a play too), Candice and Jimmy Find their Rainbow®, and Floyd the Fire Truck Series®.   

I am a member and chair of the UWW Enactus board, section representative alternate of Society of Women Engineers, and MESA International. 

Away from the office I serve as Assistant Director of DC Fashion Week in Washington D.C.  I'm cooking up ideas for my first Fashion Line.

I am a yogi and runner; I love to challenge myself.  I have
run 9 marathons (2 Chicago, 2 Madison, 2 Detroit, 2 Disney and Minnesota), 92 half marathons in 48 states and other organized Ironman sprints.  

I am a wife and mom, which is my most important role in life!

What do you hope to accomplish over the next 10 years? 
  • Run 50 half marathons in 50 states and 100 lifetime half marathons.
  • be an ironman.
  • Am a Practice Manager at my Company.
  • Live a place WARM for the winter months.
  • Exhibit my Art in an Art Show in Chicago.
  • Complete my Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.
  • Build my net worth.
  • Meet Barbara Stanny as a coach.

Describe yourself in one word.

Do you have a mantra?
Reach, stretch and grow

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Any regrets?
Less hard on myself. Regrets? Wish I was strong enough to realize how smart I am, back at 17. 

How would you like to be remembered? 
Amazing Spirit.

Any bad habit’s? 
Too hard on myself.

What person do you admire most? 
Albert Einstein.

How do you indulge yourself? 
chilling (Relaxing)

Fill in the blank…I wish I could… 
Have lots and lots of friends, who care, truly care.

What drives you to succeed? 
Compete with myself.

If your house were on fire, what one thing would you save? 
Self and husband.

What has been your most surreal, “pinch-me-I’m-dreaming” moment so far? 
Standing on the stage of my first PLAY, written based on my kids book Nate the Dragon.

People would be surprised to learn that….
In high school I was an aspiring seamstress and fashion designer.

What is your biggest fault? 
Too Bold!

What has been your most spectacular failure? 
Not going all in.

What’s next for you? 
Destiny is full of surprises. Live somewhere warm for winter months, my art exhibit, host annual dinner, my novel and design a fashion line.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Health Tip: Probiotics

Probiotics can be found in unpasteurized foods such as plain unflavored yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso, pickles, tempeh, kimchi and kombucha tea.

Probiotics can be found in unpasteurized foods such as plain unflavored yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso, pickles, tempeh, kimchi and kombucha tea.a

Saturday, August 13, 2016

CrazyRunninggal: Half Marathon Moonlight Run in Utah - State 48

Talk about crazy! This half marathon was a little different, we ran entirely in the dark. I didn't get pictures on the run because we couldn't wear a garmin or a phone to track our running.  The run was entirely done by guess. Here I am at the start, I'm ready to run in the dark. Literally, dark.

My glow apparel ready. 

Getting ready for the moonlight run, the goal, the first runner to cross the finish line at midnight wins. Everyone starts at different times.  The runner estimates their time.  And starts at their own leisure.  The announcer gives you a ready at the start count-down.

Don't forget your lights and reflector gear. And your off.

The run went up-hill for 2.5 miles, turn-around, then it was a smooth down hill from there. It was very dark. Several people stopped and got mixed-around. It wasn't easy running an unfamiliar route in the dark.

Spectacular views.

I finished.  I'm glad I had this first experience running a half marathon in the dark, and trying to estimate my time to run over the finish line, at midnight.

How did I do? Well, I came in at 11:58 PM, just 2 minutes shy. It was close.  The clock was on the other side so the runners couldn't see it. There were a lot of spectators at the end. And one said, "You missed it by a hair." Ha ha ha! It's okay, it was fun! Right after, as I was filling myself up with seedless watermelon, I heard the announcer say, "We've got a winner!" Then fireworks went off. Spectacular.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Something Is Out of Whack.

I've had a lot of time to reflect while traveling to Portland, Oregon, then a side stop in Oakland California and finally landing in Salt Lake City Utah. Many traits reasonate, trust myself, give love to others, no expectations, listen, and notice that I'm off-balance. I need to take care of my 5 core areas Physical, Perceptual, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. 

I quickly sensed something is out of whack.

I noticed this after my run, my body just wasn't responding quickly or recovering from the stress.

I decided to take a consorted effort, focus on what's missing. My mental health might be just the missing value. Or maybe it's more.

So, each moment, I walked more. I took a break, even a nap when needed. Practiced Yoga.

Starting looking at what I am eating, now that's a mess.

Someone once told me that my eating is just a symptom, something is off balance.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

I'm such a foodie! My food experience in Portland.

I love to try new types of food and my experience in Portland, Oregon did not disappoint me. My last evening dinner I walked to Alberta Street hoping to find another unique foodie experience. I found myself at Bollywood Theater. 
The first impression was that the menu posted on the wall was very different. I had to ask the server what each item was, and told him to tell me what to eat. He graciously went through the menu and talk me through everything and explained each delicious combination in detail. I found myself deciding on a street food and small plate selection, and of course a glass of shiraz. 

The Vada Pav was a spicy potato dumpling dipped in a chickpea batter served on a roll with chutneys. This is considered the poor man's purge or Mumbai. It was a perfect appetizer before my next dish. 

The small plate came next, the Paneer Makhani was an appetizing dish. It was a tasty curry dish, with just the right serving. The house paneer was in a rich tomato cream and cashew curry with saffron rice. Very tasty. I find myself eating naturally in Portland. Everywhere I went to eat for dinner, grocery or even along the street, it was easy to select organic, natural and healthy food without having to think about it. 

I feel at home with the natural food choices in Portland, Oregon. #crazyrunninggal #crazyrunninggirl #foodie #traveling

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

About Kim Groshek

I was raised in a big family in a tiny town in the Midwest. I spent my days watching TV shows (like Gilligan’s Island, the Brady Bunch, and Leave it to Beaver), playing Barbies, creating imaginary cities on my dining room table, traipsing through the countryside on adventures, and hanging with neighbors playing “Star Light Moon light” under the stars and making each other laugh.

As an adult, I work professionally for a company that allows me to work from anywhere. So, I take advantage of this, by taking on big goals; like doing a national running tour. I am running a half marathon in every state. I'm traveling in the west coast and I'm on state 48 Salt Lake City, just completed running in Portland, Oregon.

I am an empty nester. My daughter is on her own, that's why I have so much freedom to travel now and take on my PhD. I’m starting down this path because I do a lot of this work professionally and want to deepen my knowledge in Organizational Leadership.

I like having outdoor 5 course dinner parties inviting around thirty friends to enjoy an evening of conversation. I create art and plan to show off my art at an art gallery event in Chicago this coming spring, 2017. I do Yoga to keep me grounded or simply get out and take long walks to enjoy the sunshine and sites.

I just completed the dialogue writing course and enjoyed every bit of it. I am a first time student to video game writing and thought it might be a great experience to write from another angle.

I have been writing and publishing professionally for my adult job for many years, and I have written 7 books. A while back, I had an idea to create a play based on one of my kids books and I commissioned this play for kids. Being able to watch your idea come to life on stage is spectacular. At this time, I am writing my autobiography and journaling my stories in hopes to publish an adult novel sometime soon.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

CrazyRunninggal: Bridge of the God's - State 47

Spectacular view!  Wow.  That's what I kept saying around every turn. 

We started in Washington, then ran over the Bridge of the God's to Cascade Locks, Oregon. 

The majority of the run was is Oregon, this is my 47th state.

What a view!  

I had to bring my camera along this time and this is not a normal occurrence for me.  (I do not like carrying anything when I run) But, this run was different.  I knew we would be climbing a mountain, and there would be spectacular sites at each glance.

There were stairs to climb, several flights. (Luckily, I do a little stair master climbing in my daily workouts, sure did help).
This time around, I did it in okay time. I finished with 2:23. My time is starting to improve, now that I can focus on my running again, no longer required to get a bike or swim in, which took away from my running focus.  I do like to bike and swim, but I will do it in my own time, not because training is forced.

On a side note, took the max back to Portland after dropping off my car. I've taken the Bart in CA, Marta in GA, Metra in Chi IL, MTA in NY and now the Max in Oregon. I've also taken transit international Czech, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, and Ireland, Etc .

There's always a good time had by all, when traveling and reconnecting with friends. Had enough time to visit with friends.

Made a stop at Salt and Straw​ ice creme on Alberta street for dessert. They had flavors like Honey Lavender, Pear and Blue Cheese, and Freckled Woodblock Chocolate to name a few. The line went on for a block, people stood in line outside the door and around the block. They asked each person what samples they'd like, and brought out 7 spoons for us to taste before ordering our unique flavor. What fun! and a great birthday treat for Rebecca​'s celebration.

There's always something magical about running into a tribute to a fellow children's book author, Beverly Atlee Cleary is an American writer of children's and young adult fiction. One of America's most successful living authors, 91 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide since her first book was published in 1950.

I had so much fun in Portland, Oregon. Always a new experience, as I 'reach, stretch and grow.' 

Next state coming soon...

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thankful for my mornings.

The birds wake up at the crack of dawn. I listen to their light conversation. 

It's fun! 

Silence, dark sky, moon still alight. 

Then at the exact moment, the sun peaks up over the horizon and the conversation begins. 

First the sound of one little bird, then another and soon, the talking amongst the birds are effervescent. 

The birds, nature and mornings. 

A delight!

Written Dialogue with Myself...

The birds are up.

“The early bird gets the worm;” that’s what they say anyway.

'I DO get up early.'

Suffice it to say, that these days I am efficiently moving in the direction of change. It’s time to realize you are changing all of the time. It’s important to keep communicating this.

I run into an old friend.

I have not talked to or seen this person for years,.

As run into them, I redirect my dialogue to right now.

That’s right, “right now.” The past is the past, a funny story I create for myself.

'I'm good at telling stories!'

Realigning my conversation so the words are not the past perceptions; it is an important craft.

Trying for consistency, that matters.

Focus on the minute, the details. See that person's eyes. Notice the color of their hair.

See their posture, how they fold their arms over their chest or twiddle their fingers.

I consider this for a moment.

Be there with the person!

Really experience the rolling conversation.

Be in it.

Now that's what I'm talking about, THAT experience.

You know the one.