Wednesday, August 10, 2016

About Kim Groshek

I was raised in a big family in a tiny town in the Midwest. I spent my days watching TV shows (like Gilligan’s Island, the Brady Bunch, and Leave it to Beaver), playing Barbies, creating imaginary cities on my dining room table, traipsing through the countryside on adventures, and hanging with neighbors playing “Star Light Moon light” under the stars and making each other laugh.

As an adult, I work professionally for a company that allows me to work from anywhere. So, I take advantage of this, by taking on big goals; like doing a national running tour. I am running a half marathon in every state. I'm traveling in the west coast and I'm on state 48 Salt Lake City, just completed running in Portland, Oregon.

I am an empty nester. My daughter is on her own, that's why I have so much freedom to travel now and take on my PhD. I’m starting down this path because I do a lot of this work professionally and want to deepen my knowledge in Organizational Leadership.

I like having outdoor 5 course dinner parties inviting around thirty friends to enjoy an evening of conversation. I create art and plan to show off my art at an art gallery event in Chicago this coming spring, 2017. I do Yoga to keep me grounded or simply get out and take long walks to enjoy the sunshine and sites.

I just completed the dialogue writing course and enjoyed every bit of it. I am a first time student to video game writing and thought it might be a great experience to write from another angle.

I have been writing and publishing professionally for my adult job for many years, and I have written 7 books. A while back, I had an idea to create a play based on one of my kids books and I commissioned this play for kids. Being able to watch your idea come to life on stage is spectacular. At this time, I am writing my autobiography and journaling my stories in hopes to publish an adult novel sometime soon.

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