Saturday, August 13, 2016

CrazyRunninggal: Half Marathon Moonlight Run in Utah - State 48

Talk about crazy! This half marathon was a little different, we ran entirely in the dark. I didn't get pictures on the run because we couldn't wear a garmin or a phone to track our running.  The run was entirely done by guess. Here I am at the start, I'm ready to run in the dark. Literally, dark.

My glow apparel ready. 

Getting ready for the moonlight run, the goal, the first runner to cross the finish line at midnight wins. Everyone starts at different times.  The runner estimates their time.  And starts at their own leisure.  The announcer gives you a ready at the start count-down.

Don't forget your lights and reflector gear. And your off.

The run went up-hill for 2.5 miles, turn-around, then it was a smooth down hill from there. It was very dark. Several people stopped and got mixed-around. It wasn't easy running an unfamiliar route in the dark.

Spectacular views.

I finished.  I'm glad I had this first experience running a half marathon in the dark, and trying to estimate my time to run over the finish line, at midnight.

How did I do? Well, I came in at 11:58 PM, just 2 minutes shy. It was close.  The clock was on the other side so the runners couldn't see it. There were a lot of spectators at the end. And one said, "You missed it by a hair." Ha ha ha! It's okay, it was fun! Right after, as I was filling myself up with seedless watermelon, I heard the announcer say, "We've got a winner!" Then fireworks went off. Spectacular.

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