Thursday, August 11, 2016

I'm such a foodie! My food experience in Portland.

I love to try new types of food and my experience in Portland, Oregon did not disappoint me. My last evening dinner I walked to Alberta Street hoping to find another unique foodie experience. I found myself at Bollywood Theater. 
The first impression was that the menu posted on the wall was very different. I had to ask the server what each item was, and told him to tell me what to eat. He graciously went through the menu and talk me through everything and explained each delicious combination in detail. I found myself deciding on a street food and small plate selection, and of course a glass of shiraz. 

The Vada Pav was a spicy potato dumpling dipped in a chickpea batter served on a roll with chutneys. This is considered the poor man's purge or Mumbai. It was a perfect appetizer before my next dish. 

The small plate came next, the Paneer Makhani was an appetizing dish. It was a tasty curry dish, with just the right serving. The house paneer was in a rich tomato cream and cashew curry with saffron rice. Very tasty. I find myself eating naturally in Portland. Everywhere I went to eat for dinner, grocery or even along the street, it was easy to select organic, natural and healthy food without having to think about it. 

I feel at home with the natural food choices in Portland, Oregon. #crazyrunninggal #crazyrunninggirl #foodie #traveling

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