Friday, August 12, 2016

Something Is Out of Whack.

I've had a lot of time to reflect while traveling to Portland, Oregon, then a side stop in Oakland California and finally landing in Salt Lake City Utah. Many traits reasonate, trust myself, give love to others, no expectations, listen, and notice that I'm off-balance. I need to take care of my 5 core areas Physical, Perceptual, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. 

I quickly sensed something is out of whack.

I noticed this after my run, my body just wasn't responding quickly or recovering from the stress.

I decided to take a consorted effort, focus on what's missing. My mental health might be just the missing value. Or maybe it's more.

So, each moment, I walked more. I took a break, even a nap when needed. Practiced Yoga.

Starting looking at what I am eating, now that's a mess.

Someone once told me that my eating is just a symptom, something is off balance.

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