Thursday, November 17, 2016

Positively the best! Magnifique! ⭐ (Coffee Talk with Kim)

A group of researchers once videotaped two teams of bowlers during a match. They edited out the mistakes made by members of the first team and showed the tape to them. During the review, the researchers focused only on the strengths of the players and everything they had done right.
The second team was also shown a tape. But their video contained only the mistakes that had been made by their members. They were offered suggestions on how to improve their techniques.
After receiving the feedback, both teams showed signs of improvement. Surprisingly, the group that received the positive criticism improved 100 percent more.
So the next time you’re giving feedback to someone – whether as a parent, manager, or friend – remember that building on the positive aspects of the people’s actions or behavior reaps the best results.

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