Thursday, December 15, 2016

Highlights of 2016 (No particular order)

2. Ran the Grandma’s marathon!
3. Traveled the east coast to run a half marathon in 3 additional states, Massachusetts (44), Coventry Rhode Island (45) and Simsbury Connecticut (46). (Annie, Cyd, )
4. Traveled the Utah to run a half marathon, reaching 48 states. (Kim)
5. Traveled and stayed with friends in Portland, Oregon, to run Bridge of the God’s half marathon, reaching 47 states. (Rebecca, Coco)
6. Created a new online advocacy program, Coffee Talk with SWE-WI. (Kristen)
7. Competed in the J-Hawk Olympic Distance spring Triathlon.
8. Started my Phd. (Nice to meet you Nancy!)
9. Hung out with my childhood friend Alisha and chatted for hours over coffee. Love that we can stay connected all of these years.
10. Was promoted to Assistant Director the week as volunteering at DC Fashion week. (Oliwia, Olivia)
11. Signed up for the Wisconsin Ironman 2017. Let’s try this again! (Jennifer)
12. Had my first formal dinner party, it was a blast, with lots of close family and friends. (Bruce, Barb, Laura, Susie and Sonia, Shelley, Aaron, Amy, Daun, Jacqueline, Chris, Peter, Juju)
13. Started a masters swim class this fall, learning how to redo my swim strokes. Thanks Cheri, this is going to be so good for me!
14. Leon officially declared retirement, last day Jan 1, 2017.
15. Joined a running group to keep me honest, and met so many great new friends. Thanks Candice!
16. Went to 3 weddings this year: Niece, Rachel, and two of Staci’s friends, Becca and Ellie.
17. Traveled to St. Louis to attend a conference, thanks for introducing me to new friends Kim!
18. Became a Juice Plus Distributor, thanks Kim!
19. Started cleaning the Yoga studio in exchange for free monthly yoga. (Love my yogis, Anne, Janice, Hope, Jess, Ken, David, Darlene, Karen, Amy miss you, Inner Fire Yoga and all of you, the community is large and wide)
20. Went to fireside with my friend Amy and John.
21. The Dean of Organizational Leadership at Chicago School of Professional Psychology appointed me Research Associate.
22. I went to a dinner party hosted by Darlene at her lovely home, it was fun!
23. I ran 9 half marathons and 2 marathons this year. (Cyd, @
24. I spoke on a Women Insiders Panel in Chicago and met new colleagues. (Amanda)
25. Leon and I travel to Mexico for New Years 2016.
26. Leon’s department sent him to be a motorcycle patrol escort at National Police Week in DC.
27. Staci and I, took a Mom and daughter trip to Maryland to visit Simone and her daughter.
28. Went on long walks with my friend Shelley around her neighborhood.
29. Met all sorts of new friends, runner friends, fashion friends, eclectic friends, nutritionist friends, yogi friends, academic friends, professional friends, holistic friends and athlete friends.
30. Hired my IMWI2017 coach, Jennifer, who is keeping me on track and becoming a closer friend.
2016 was a year of giving back, hard work, decision and choices, achievement and success.
2017 is planned for 2 hefty goals, everything else is lighter. I can’t wait to see what comes in 2017. I wonder what 2017 will bring? Watch out 2017, here I come! There’s more to come... Just wait and see. Who do you want to be in 2017?
Feel free to comment on the many things that I listed or forgot. Also, I'm sorry if I didn't mention you or if you are not tagged in this note.

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