Monday, December 5, 2016

SMART Goals (2017)

My Wish List and Goals for the 2017 New Year! :)

My SMART Goals
1. IMWI2017  (see running goals)
2. Phd in 2019.
3. Art Gala in Chicago - March 25, 2017. (ART PARTY: Spring Soiree in Chicago come join me)
4. Promoted at Work.
5. Continue to focus on managing budget.
6. Maintain balance in all of these five areas: physical, spiritual, mental, social/emotional and material.  (Accountability matrix and communicate weekly with key friends to keep me accountable to stay focused.)

My Wish List:
To be recognized for my hard work and talent.
To be healthy, wealthy and happy.
To be positive and listen without judgment.
To never give up and keep forging forward.
To be surrounded with family and friends.

My promise: 
I promise to stay focused and not get off-track, and accomplish these goals.
I promise to make time for family and friends to enjoy time with each of those I care about.

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