Friday, April 28, 2017

Celebrating my special daughter today. ❤️💖

I am writing this only because you are on my mind, each moment, in the pool, on my bike, on the road when I run, when I listen to music; every moment. Not that it is a birthday, but, only just because… I celebrating you, how much you are to me. 

You are my favorite daughter after all. 

Yes, you! 

Your spunky personality brightens up the room when you are in it. 

Never in a million years did I think I would walk your shoes, but I am... Swimming after all... 

All those years, you swam in the pool. You were always my little fish, gliding smoothly through the water, quick without a wince. And I realize how much it takes to swim. 

Your precocious personality, you have a way of talking your way into doing things you want. I remember your coaches telling me how you would coax them into doing a workout they never planned for. Your fun-loving personality keeps everyone amused. You have a way that wins people's hearts. 

When you were little, everywhere we’d go, someone would know you. They'd say, "Hi!" And knew your name. It didn’t matter if we were in your hometown, or other towns and cities. We would always bump into someone. 

You have a way with words that delicately broach difficult situations, approaching the matter at hand, as if it were a dance. Just like when you danced for ballet, point, jazz, and the ballet classics. You physically danced with ease. I always loved watching you, your beautiful lines; as they called it in gymnastics. You are my heart and, you know this, and I can’t ay this enough. I love you, my special daughter.  

Have a beautiful day! 

Love always and forever, Mom! 

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Spandex King said...

Awe, that's so sweet.