Friday, May 26, 2017

First OWS of Five Aquathons #IMWI2017

"We rise by lifting others" - Robert Ingersoll And the Kayaker, Abby, was that person for me this week.

It’s been a crazy week. I had a lot of feedback from coaches, swimmer friends, and experienced Ironman, family and others providing their thoughts about my training. One conversation left me concerned and scared and that was, that they said, “be careful not to overtrain.” After the experienced people heard what I was doing in my training. The biggest advice I heard was, take at least one a day a week and just do nothing, yoga is fine, but nothing means nothing else.  To give my body time to rest.  So, I am starting to do this….

I did my first OWS and the water was like an ice-cube. It was 50 degrees. I got out there and my feet were frozen. I had second thoughts but forged forward and waited in the water for the start. I didn’t put my head in, trying breaststroke with my head out of the water. I didn’t go very fast, in fact, as I was swimming I just kept telling myself stay calm and breath.  I got to the first of 2 buoys and my throat constricted and I felt like I was choking.  I yelled for a kayak. She let me rest on it, and encouraged me to continue.  So, I did. I did breast stroke, then back stroke. I made it to the next bouy and swam on my back the whole way in. I am so happy my master swim coach taught me backstroke and makes me do it. I don’t like it but now realize why I need to know how to do it. If I get tired there is another stroke I can do.

First of Five Aquathon: Open Water Swim (OWS) and Run with transition.  OWS 1188 yd 00:34 50:25 pace Water was ice cold. First time in OW my new wetsuit and since 2009. It was 50 degrees. Had to get help halfway from Abby in the kayak. Thanks to Abby, she encouraged me to stay with it and finish. Water in lungs, tightness in my throat. Weezing, couldn't breath. But, was able to hold on to the kayak to calm down then go again. Run next 3.12 mi 00:37 11:46 pace Not my best run. Walk ran this one because I was so exhausted from the cold swim.

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