Tuesday, June 27, 2017

There is something to be said about attitude...

There's something that's been grating me, since my last marathon in Duluth Minnesota. I am not political, nor am I trying to make a statement. However, I wanted to share my concern and deep frustration regarding the police and how they handled a very simple situation. As many of you know, my husband is now retired. He retired from the sheriff department after 30 years of unpresidented experiences. As a wife, I saw his service as a police officer, his attitude changed before my eyes. This was his purpose, to make a difference, ensure laws were enforced and the good was infiltrated into the community. He is idealistic and wanted to make a difference in people's lives. After five years of contemplation, he finally was able to decide to leave his passion and retire. This retirement has been a journey for both of us. We joke a lot about defining your passion. He says, he no longer has a purpose and needs to discover his now that he "has no purpose."

So, as my favorite guy adjusts, I call it, He's "reaching, stretching and growing." he stays close with my goals and passions, which currently is to complete my first ironman. Part of this is to run marathons and other competitions to keep me in check. So, he came along with me to Duluth when I planned to run Grandma's marathon.

The plan:

  • My favorite guy was going to bring his bike and ride along the course to take pictures.
  • We drove the 26.2 miles to the start, dropped the bike off and locked it up ready for my favorite guy to come up with me the day of the race, and pick up his bike and ride the course. 
What happened:
  • We got up really early, took the train to the start.
  • Got off the train and walked to the bike.
  • My favorite guy had a backpack which held his camera and other things.
  • Found the bike was still where we locked it up, and proceeded to unlock the bike and put the
    back carry bag on the bike. 
  • I noticed there were several Sheriff deputy surrounding my favorite guy as he dislodged his bike.
  • I went over by him, and stated, "He's my husband planning to take pictures of me during the run." 
  • The one was really cocky asking, "Does he have a press pass?"
  • I said, "No."
  • He said again very cockily, "Well, he can't be here." 
  • I thought what a fu*&ing jerk. We are common people just participating in an event.
  • My favorite guy and I walked away, and of course, I gave mean deputy a dirty look. Because, he didn't realize the struggles my now "retired" deputy sheriff who was a sergeant for a good 20 years of his service, was dealing with.
  • My favorite guy stated, "The one thing he coached his people on was to treat people with respect and think as if the person doesn't know." And "Be kind." because wearing a badge is already authority, you don't need to act like you are better or rude.
My favorite guy figured it out, talked to common-folk and asked for roads to take that would be okay to ride and take pictures. In the meantime, I ran, and during the 26.2 miles, I contemplated the concern I had for someone like this deputy sheriff who treated us disrespectfully. And how he didn't realize the struggles my favorite guy had retiring from the force after serving for 30 years. It wasn't easy and then to be treated with disrespect the way he was by this Duluth or Twin Harbors deputy was very wrong.  

I think my husband is starting to see the gilmpse of concern I have seen during my life of 30 years living with him and seeing him transform into a different person given the people he delt with. Those bad people, the bullies, the uncaring and disrespectful people. This is my concern, and wanted to put it out there. I worry about my favorite guy and his transition from a "purpose" a job and career he loved so much. Then to be treated with disrespect of which he worried to be a "nothing" or "nobody." 

Something I have cautiously and delicately been dealing with, my favorite guy. His transition. There is something to be said about those who are disrespectful who have that authority. It's time to teach them right, way to be kind, all of us need to be more kind and respectful of others.

That is all.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

We start as a group of people, we finish as a group a friends.

Started out the day, with an early swim in the open water. This was a practice Open Water Swim (OWS) in Lake Monona, learning the IMWI course 2506 yd 00:46 32:01 pace. 
SBR endurance had two supporting kayaks which guided the group out. The OWS endurance swim was a great way to feel out the course. We started a simulation of what it is like starting the Ironman Wisconsin swim, we were in the water for 8 minutes treading water, then we headed out on part of the course. Gave me some really good sighting coaching, so back to the drawing board (or pool) to practice my new sighting suggestions I learned.

Rode 45 miles on the Ironman Wisconsin Course: 45 miles on the bike 03:00 15.0mph pace.

Getting with a bike group who are faster isn’t that bad. Starting to get to know the course, Barlow is still as bad as the first time doing it and still only got up about a quarter mile up, then walked. Okay, getting better. Well, I have to be after riding with a group that was way faster than me. I was the slow one out, but thankfully, a few stayed back and coached me through some more cadence advice for those darn hills.
I'm much more familiar with the turns that I take, the downhills and the rolling hills. 

It was a windy one today but the temps were perfect for 1 loop of the Ironman Wisconsin 
course. Windy but much cooler, so we'll take it! 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Wisconsin Triterium Triathlon (Verona)

WISCONSIN TRITERIUM TRIATHLON - Olympic triathlon - 4th AG (just shy of 3rd AG by .04 seconds) :O 

Got a flat in my back tire, with only a half mile to go, no SAG, they told me to ride it flat. So, that took a few minutes. :S Very hilly course... Lots of very big hills, they even had a chip time for the King of the Hill, which was a very long observatory hill, I guess it was more than a mile, and we did it twice. It was a great training ride for the IMW. 

Last half mile my back tube Popped and they wouldn't call for SAG, and told me to ride it with the flat. Not good for the rims, but made it in.

Here are my stats:
1500 Meter swim (.95 miles): 29:11 T1: 3:03 
25 mile bike: 1:59:22 T2: 2:31 
10K run: 1:01:46 

Final: 3:35:51
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Grandma's Marathon PR for the year #crazyrunninggal #crazyrunninggirl #IMWI

Stick with it. Give it your all. Keep a good attitude and always be the best you can be right where you are. 

This was my second time running the Grandma's marathon. I ran it last year, it was hot but I enjoyed the course so much that I wanted to run it again. A 26.2 mile run along Lake Superior, breathtaking scenery!!! Especially in the early morning watching the sunrise over the lake. It was my 26.2 mile training run for the Ironman Wisconsin. 

To make it more special, my favorite guy rode his bike along the marathon course to cheer me on and take pictures.  
Securing a marathon personal record (PR) for the year made it a great run. I have been running marathons in 5 hours 35 minutes the past couple years, and this year and I unofficially completed the run in 5:05 hours. A new PR for my marathon runs. My halfway point, 13.1, was 2:10. That was 20 minutes faster, I'm getting stronger. A bit of a headache struck at mile 14 and was worried I would cause more pressure, so started to race-walk the remaining miles. Made it across the finish line, felt good after. Of course 2 chugs of chocolate milk always helps my stomach calm.
I'm going strong... My Lifetimes, up to 11 marathons (Last Grandma's Duluth, June, 2017). 6 marathons in 6 states (NY, IL, WI, MN, MI, FL).

Friday, June 9, 2017

Second OWS of Five Aquathons #IMWI2017

"When you are going through hell, keep going…" (Churchill, W) That's not what I did. At the moment, I did what was good for me.

Second try at a OWS, this one was choppy and there were waves. I arrive early, as I always do. Pull on my wetsuit, set out my gear and walk out in the water. I stand in the water at first, feel the waves, look at the orange cones, follow the course. Then start walking out further to get a short warm up swim in. After that, I start psyching myself out or in, depends on the moment. I try to convince myself I can do this, just stay in the moment and do the stroke, sight, then stroke. Practice breathing. 

The gun goes off and everyone starts swimming. I swim, I don't know, a few strokes, maybe 25 yards and a wave hits me right when I look up, mouth open and I take a breath of water. I stop stand up and cough it out. I can't do this, I tell myself. I turn around and start walking out of the water. I run across someone in a kayak, notice it's the same lady who helped me through the last OWS. She says, without realizing it's me, "you okay?" Then realizes it's me and she takes a double take and says, "Oh hi!" I said, I can't do this. And she says, "Okay, then go do the run." And I didn't even consider that. But, that's just what I head to. I walk out of the water. Silence from the audience, crickets. They all look at me not knowing what to do. I don't care. I walk to the coral and change my clothes and head out to run.  

I get back and see my husband with his fancy camera in hand, looking for me. Then surprised he sees me. He thinks I'm just heading out for the run because he thinks he missed me. I said, I just got back from the run and explained how I didn't finish the swim, only did 75 yards of it. Then choked. 

He told me he couldn't find me and has lots of pictures of other swimmers, thinking it was me coming out of the water. He said, well, you finished the run, there's always the next one. You will do this. And I will, I just have to get through whatever it is that is holding me back. 

They don't record my time in the overall, even though they have times for those who finished the swim but did not run. I would think they would keep my time in and say I didn't complete the swim but ran. Doesn't matter. I keep moving forward. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

2017 triathlon season results

▪️Lake Mills Triathlon - Sprint - 4th in AG
▪️J-Hawk EarlyBird - Olympic - 4th in AG
▪️Wisconsin Triterium - Olympic triathlon - 4th in AG
▪️Pardeeville Triathlon - Sprint - 4th in AG
▪️Aquation - 2nd in AG
▪️Door County 70.3 swim cut short - 6:08.12 - Personal Best

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Our Deepest Fears: Swimming is the Monster

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”  Nelson Mandela. This quote sums it up for me. I think we create fear from inside, tell ourselves stories, work ourselves up, make it almost become something true, and then it happens. 

This past weekend I swam my second OWS of the year, 2017. It's not that I haven't completed triathlons swimming in open water before, I have done many through my years. My first OWS was in Lake Michigan when I was 21, and of course, that was years ago. 

This year 'water' has been my demon. 

This second swim in the lake, I promised myself that I would swim freestyle, use the breathing techniques I learned this past week in master swim, and be in the moment.... each breath, each stroke, each time I look up (each sight). 

I promised to take it easy. 

The water wasn't cold, probably 68 degrees. I say to myself, 'I can do this'. My division heat was up, and I hovered in the back. I got in the water and started to swim. Got to the first cone, then turned the corner, continued doing a few strokes then sighted. Halfway through the swim, second cone, I felt a strap hitting my face. I stopped, then my goggles fell off. I had to  handle that incident, once again, in the moment, and not panic. Just stopped, put on the goggles and continued forward. I swam as far as I could without standing. Saw the beach, stood then ran in. I did it.

I think we create fear because we are creating another intention that isn't there. 

I plan to sign up for the ALS, which is an organization that raises funds by swimming crazy distances and challenges across the world, the acronym is A Long Swim. I will use ALS as a practice swim for my Ironman training. I will swim a full 2.4 miles in Lake Michigan with a group of experienced swimmers. Who, by the way, swim over 24 miles and one person even swam across the English Channel. They do crazy things like that.... :D 

Anyway, I can do this. I can swim an OWS 2.4 miles.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Lake Mills Triathlon: Brick & Technical Training

WOOT! Lake Mills Triathlon results are in... 4th in my age division! This was a technical run for me. Focused on OWS (Open Water Swim), swimming in my wetsuit and transition timing.  All went okay. This time during the swim, I did freestyle and used the sighting I learned last week in master swim. I did sometimes feel a little anxious; but, kept moving in the water. 

All went well and I felt better, more confident getting out of the water.  

I was able to share the race moments with my master swim friends, who did the triathlon too.  Amazing support and so much fun!

Here are my results: Total: 1:36:41 4/16 Swim: 10:40 T1: 2:16 Bike: 53:18 T2: 2:26 Run: 28:03. 

This was a technical practice. Training, OWS, transition focus.