Sunday, June 4, 2017

Lake Mills Triathlon: Brick & Technical Training

WOOT! Lake Mills Triathlon results are in... 4th in my age division! This was a technical run for me. Focused on OWS (Open Water Swim), swimming in my wetsuit and transition timing.  All went okay. This time during the swim, I did freestyle and used the sighting I learned last week in master swim. I did sometimes feel a little anxious; but, kept moving in the water. 

All went well and I felt better, more confident getting out of the water.  

I was able to share the race moments with my master swim friends, who did the triathlon too.  Amazing support and so much fun!

Here are my results: Total: 1:36:41 4/16 Swim: 10:40 T1: 2:16 Bike: 53:18 T2: 2:26 Run: 28:03. 

This was a technical practice. Training, OWS, transition focus.

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