Tuesday, June 27, 2017

There is something to be said about attitude...

There's something that's been grating me, since my last marathon in Duluth Minnesota. I am not political, nor am I trying to make a statement. However, I wanted to share my concern and deep frustration regarding the police and how they handled a very simple situation. As many of you know, my husband is now retired. He retired from the sheriff department after 30 years of unpresidented experiences. As a wife, I saw his service as a police officer, his attitude changed before my eyes. This was his purpose, to make a difference, ensure laws were enforced and the good was infiltrated into the community. He is idealistic and wanted to make a difference in people's lives. After five years of contemplation, he finally was able to decide to leave his passion and retire. This retirement has been a journey for both of us. We joke a lot about defining your passion. He says, he no longer has a purpose and needs to discover his now that he "has no purpose."

So, as my favorite guy adjusts, I call it, He's "reaching, stretching and growing." he stays close with my goals and passions, which currently is to complete my first ironman. Part of this is to run marathons and other competitions to keep me in check. So, he came along with me to Duluth when I planned to run Grandma's marathon.

The plan:

  • My favorite guy was going to bring his bike and ride along the course to take pictures.
  • We drove the 26.2 miles to the start, dropped the bike off and locked it up ready for my favorite guy to come up with me the day of the race, and pick up his bike and ride the course. 
What happened:
  • We got up really early, took the train to the start.
  • Got off the train and walked to the bike.
  • My favorite guy had a backpack which held his camera and other things.
  • Found the bike was still where we locked it up, and proceeded to unlock the bike and put the
    back carry bag on the bike. 
  • I noticed there were several Sheriff deputy surrounding my favorite guy as he dislodged his bike.
  • I went over by him, and stated, "He's my husband planning to take pictures of me during the run." 
  • The one was really cocky asking, "Does he have a press pass?"
  • I said, "No."
  • He said again very cockily, "Well, he can't be here." 
  • I thought what a fu*&ing jerk. We are common people just participating in an event.
  • My favorite guy and I walked away, and of course, I gave mean deputy a dirty look. Because, he didn't realize the struggles my now "retired" deputy sheriff who was a sergeant for a good 20 years of his service, was dealing with.
  • My favorite guy stated, "The one thing he coached his people on was to treat people with respect and think as if the person doesn't know." And "Be kind." because wearing a badge is already authority, you don't need to act like you are better or rude.
My favorite guy figured it out, talked to common-folk and asked for roads to take that would be okay to ride and take pictures. In the meantime, I ran, and during the 26.2 miles, I contemplated the concern I had for someone like this deputy sheriff who treated us disrespectfully. And how he didn't realize the struggles my favorite guy had retiring from the force after serving for 30 years. It wasn't easy and then to be treated with disrespect the way he was by this Duluth or Twin Harbors deputy was very wrong.  

I think my husband is starting to see the gilmpse of concern I have seen during my life of 30 years living with him and seeing him transform into a different person given the people he delt with. Those bad people, the bullies, the uncaring and disrespectful people. This is my concern, and wanted to put it out there. I worry about my favorite guy and his transition from a "purpose" a job and career he loved so much. Then to be treated with disrespect of which he worried to be a "nothing" or "nobody." 

Something I have cautiously and delicately been dealing with, my favorite guy. His transition. There is something to be said about those who are disrespectful who have that authority. It's time to teach them right, way to be kind, all of us need to be more kind and respectful of others.

That is all.

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