Sunday, June 25, 2017

We start as a group of people, we finish as a group a friends.

Started out the day, with an early swim in the open water. This was a practice Open Water Swim (OWS) in Lake Monona, learning the IMWI course 2506 yd 00:46 32:01 pace. 
SBR endurance had two supporting kayaks which guided the group out. The OWS endurance swim was a great way to feel out the course. We started a simulation of what it is like starting the Ironman Wisconsin swim, we were in the water for 8 minutes treading water, then we headed out on part of the course. Gave me some really good sighting coaching, so back to the drawing board (or pool) to practice my new sighting suggestions I learned.

Rode 45 miles on the Ironman Wisconsin Course: 45 miles on the bike 03:00 15.0mph pace.

Getting with a bike group who are faster isn’t that bad. Starting to get to know the course, Barlow is still as bad as the first time doing it and still only got up about a quarter mile up, then walked. Okay, getting better. Well, I have to be after riding with a group that was way faster than me. I was the slow one out, but thankfully, a few stayed back and coached me through some more cadence advice for those darn hills.
I'm much more familiar with the turns that I take, the downhills and the rolling hills. 

It was a windy one today but the temps were perfect for 1 loop of the Ironman Wisconsin 
course. Windy but much cooler, so we'll take it! 

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