Saturday, June 24, 2017

Wisconsin Triterium Triathlon (Verona)

WISCONSIN TRITERIUM TRIATHLON - Olympic triathlon - 4th AG (just shy of 3rd AG by .04 seconds) :O 

Got a flat in my back tire, with only a half mile to go, no SAG, they told me to ride it flat. So, that took a few minutes. :S Very hilly course... Lots of very big hills, they even had a chip time for the King of the Hill, which was a very long observatory hill, I guess it was more than a mile, and we did it twice. It was a great training ride for the IMW. 

Last half mile my back tube Popped and they wouldn't call for SAG, and told me to ride it with the flat. Not good for the rims, but made it in.

Here are my stats:
1500 Meter swim (.95 miles): 29:11 T1: 3:03 
25 mile bike: 1:59:22 T2: 2:31 
10K run: 1:01:46 

Final: 3:35:51
#IMWI2017 #crazyrunninggal

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