Sunday, July 16, 2017

Door County 70.3 Half Ironman

At the start...
David didn’t need to know Goliath’s strength
because he already knew God’s.
Dedicated to my nephew Chris (Susie)
Door County 70.3 Half Ironman, arrived early, got my bike positioned in the bike corral. Then, we heard they cancelled Racine's half ironman due to water temperatures being 52 degrees, brrrr.  In Door County, Lake Michigan can be unpredictable, and today it was. Crazy day today. The morning was cool and windy. Lake Michigan had some major whitecaps, so, they cut the swim down to 500 yards. I got my wetsuit on and went out in the water to see how the water was. It was cooler, around 68 degrees. I started to swim out. The waves weren't too bad, given the pier was sheltering the waves. But, the farther I got out, the more waves there were. I decided to keep it cool.  Then swam back in, and waited on the beach for the start. 
They announced my wave, and I crossed the starting pad, to enter the water to get ready for the start horn. Once it went off, I calmly put my head in, and started my swim. As I went out, the waves were at least 3 feet high
There were lifeguards everywhere, right by each of us, asking if we were okay or if we wanted to get on the boat.  I was calm and did what the announcer said, do breast stroke. By the time I reached the yellow turn bouyee, the waves were uncontrollable, but I kept doing breaststroke and kept myself calm. I turned and followed the flow of the waves, and let the waves carry me in. Eventually, I turned to go to shore, the waves helped push me in. 
Swim leg: Dedicated to Chris 

"The only person you should try to be better
than is the person you were yesterday.
Work on yourself...
for yourself." 
ChrisSusieChris's Rainbow of Hope

When I reached the beach, they told me to pull my wetsuit off my arms and off down to my waste, so someone could pull it off. That was great, it shortened my transition time down. 

I slowly ran into the transition area, crossed the pad, and got on my bike. 

Away I went. The first 20 miles were easy-peasy. I went with the flow. But, after that I hit the route against the wind. And it was tough going for the remainder of the route. I made it in. Pretty
Bike leg dedicated to Mike.
"Who ever came up with...
'It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission.'
Wasn't wrong...
...But it delights me
to know I was always right
to know that it's
Mike, Mike, Tricia, Dennis)
satisfied with my bike time. Had to really go to the bathroom halfway through the bike, but held it until run transition. Then hit the porte-potty and got run-ready in there. Took me a little longer for T2, but, would rather feel good on the run. 

Run leg dedicated to Jen (Jim)

"Strength does not come from physical capacity.
It comes from an indomitable will." ~Gandhi (
Door County Half Ironman finish!!!
I took it slow on the run course. Ran 5 miles even, then around mile 6 1/2, I walked the water stations, then ran some more. There were two major hills, that I walked. One was so steep, I had to help my legs with my hands. Halfway up the .5 mile hill, someone said, do you want someone to walk with you? She said she lived on the hill and wanted to help me. I said thank you and we talked for a bit until I made it on the top of the hill. I liked the run course, because they gave us freeze-pops with only a mile and a half to go. It was great. They gave me two! Then I would pass another runner, every half mile, and she would pass me. We made it in by encouraging each other. 

Here are my Door County 70.3 stats (swim cut short)
500 swim: 11:42
t1: 1:53
56 bike: 3:18.14
t2: 5:36
13.1 run: 2:30.49

Finish: 6:08.12 (Personal Best)

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