Monday, July 10, 2017

I don't know if many of you know my story, but, if you don't I'll share it. I've been a runner for many years, but in 2011, I had a set-back. I tore my ACL skiing with a friend one winter. And this was the start of a roller-coaster life of events for me. I spiraled out of control, even though, from the outside, it appeared like everything was fine. It took me almost 6 months to go under the knife, and when I did, I realized who "really" was there for me, it was my favorite guy. The recovery was a process for me, I felt sorry for my PT, who was amazingly patient. For a guy who had to endure my running typeA personality, who was working so hard to recover. I followed the prescribed rules and did my exercises daily, scruggling with not being able to run for over 6 months. 

After I was tested, and my PT gave me the go-ahead to get out and start running again, it took me over a year to begin. I lost hope. And ambition to want to run or do anything. I took up yoga, which gave me peace, a healing and strength device that I will never let go, now that I see the value of it. Yoga taught me the ability to be in the moment and treasure the moment of whatever experience I was having as I was treating my body consciously with a healthy dose of balance and focus. A year later, I started back to running, taking on at least 15 more half marathons, with my favorite guys push and determination. I knew my time was slow, but I kept at it.  

Eventually, I got down to my mid-point speed, which was a 2 hour half. I then got involved in other things and lost my interest in running, until, knowing I helped a friend lost over 65 pounds within a 3 year stretch, she inspired me to sign up for that Ironman I always wanted to do, but even though I quit, she ended up doing her first ironman. 

Last year, I unsuccessfully trained and "quit" my Ironman journey in June, 2016 because I knew, deep down in my heart, I wasn't ready, both physically and mentally. But, I did end up running several half marathons in my needed states. And met new friends from across the globe...

Struggling to keep it going, then, I was accused of not completing the run in some of the states by the race director, who assumed or didn't even ask me the truth.  I did, however, meet some wonderful new running friends from across the globe. Which helped me keep going. But then, I lost my ju-ju.... there is some truth to the saying, "you don't know what a person is dealing with, ...." 

Then there was my friends, who took me in and let me stay with them on Oregon. I gained such compassion and love with no expectation of anything in return other than time spent catching up. I have accomplished my goals,running 2 more half marathons, one in Oregon, and one in Utah. 
In Utah I ran the Half marathon down a mountain with flickering headlamps coming in close to midnight.  After that I quit my goal knowing I wasn't trained enough. So much to overcome.
The ironman, I knew this was a goal of mine, but I gained over 35 pounds, being stationary and eating everything that was not good for me. Then, eventually, I got to a point when I needed to reassess."Do I really want to do this? and why?" The purpose was clear, I wanted to do this... for me. In September, I decided to take the plunge and sign up for the impossible, to compete in the Ironman Wisconsin in 2017.

The process was slow...

I took baby steps, and did the most courageous things in the past 8 months. Today, only 2 months away, I have lost over 13 pounds, gained muscle where I never thought I would, and strength and endurance in sports that were never my strength. 

Then there was the swim. My friends said it looked like I did doggy paddle when swimming. I signed up for master swim in November and there I started my step-by-step progress.  My favorite guy, is along for the ride. He got a kayak and encourages me to get out in that "demon" of mine, the open water. I now swim over 3 miles with him in front as my sight, leading me around the lake. The bike, my second "Demon," and those hills. I have two weak sports, I keep at them, each day. With stride. 

My run, which always was my stronger sport, is slow, but, I keep persistent, knowing if I keep at it, I will improve. It's a journey. I keep at it daily and thanks for my friends, family and dailymile friends who support me along the way. 

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Thanks all! :)

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