Sunday, August 13, 2017

Race the Lake Century Bike Ride Results

Personal Best Century Bike Ride!!

Nice flat 100 mile bike ride around Lake Winnebago. This was my first century bike 
ride for my Ironman Training. The intention was to set myself up for the simulation ride next weekend. I focused on Nutrition on the bike. I felt good, stopped twice to fill up my water bottles because they didn’t have transition. This may have taken a couple minutes, 5 minutes at the most. All of my nutrition was supplied by me. This was what worked on and what I plan to do during simulation. 

Things I did that worked:
1. 3 bottles of endurance
2. Carried 3 packs of endurance powder to refill
3. 1 Roll of chewable salt tabs
4. 2 PB&J sandwiches on whole-wheat nut bread quartered. Lasted up to mile 60. Ate one quarter after 10 miles, and every 10 miles after.
5. 1 package of jell cubes (lasted through mile 70)
6. Cramp pills (used at mile 90)

Things I will adjust during simulation:
1. 4 PB&J Sandwiches quartered (2 in first aid bike transition and 2 in T1)
2. Keep what worked above.

This was a serious race with wave assignments and strict rules, one of which was that I could not use aero bars, or we could have them but not use them. I contacted the race director and told him this was a training ride for the Ironman training and he gave me an exception. I thought I might be DQ’d but they didn’t DQ me, which is great!

I felt good. I averaged a 16.4 mile per hour pace, however, the first 40 miles I held a 19 mph pace, until I got a little exhausted and of course I attempted King of the Hill, which was a 1 mile climb. This was up High Cliff State Park. The ride was exceptionally perfect. I loved riding along the lake. I have done this ride once before on a road bike. It was interesting doing it on a Triathlon bike. Worked well!!!!

Race the Lake Century Bike Ride Results
This was my personal best for a Century bike ride.
Div Place 14 out of 24
Gender place 97 out of 161 
Overall 632 out of 826. 
Final: 6:06.02

See you at the finish line!

Train wisely, and injury free. Keep swimming, cycling and running.

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